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Renewable Energy

Understanding the need of the hour to shift from fossil fuel towards lesser polluting and renewable sources of electricity we provide economical and practically feasible solutions for general population as well as industries . Our market share in renewable energy has increased over the years with surge in demand for alternative sources of energy.

Solar Pumps

We have a complete range of solar-powered pumps to serve your remote watering needs. We offer solar pumps that can pump from one to 800000 Litre of water per day. We can power and pump water on almost any application. Our water pumps are available in DC or AC power, 0.5HP to 50 HP. Our pumps find application in domestic, commercial, agricultural, oilfield, dewatering, and many other uses.

Solar Based Water Treatment Solutions

Our water treatment plants can be equipped with robust solar panels to get off grid or on grid power supply . These are usually very useful in remote locations where electricity is scarce and there is a need for drinking or treated water.

Wind Turbines

We provide small wind turbines that have Low start up speed, high wind energy utilization, beautiful appearance and low vibration. Our turbines are made from precise injection moulding with optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure. These stand alone systems can power a house.

Water Turbines

Our axial pressure low-head high-flow river turbines find wide application for generating small power units. It has slanting - for high head and small flow of small power plants . It is compact with no draft tube . It can reduce the plant's high head, while reducing the excavation depth to reduce plant construction costs.

Hybrid Solar And Wind Technologies

Hybrid systems incorporating both solar and wind technologies are gaining more popularity than single source power due to availability of wind during night time and solar energy during day time , depending upon the location. Our robust Hybrid systems can generate power upto 20 KW.

Biogas Making Systems

We provide Biogas making systems in which naturally occuring microorganisms break down the organic matter in the waste and transform it into two by-products: Biomethane and organic fertilizer on the condition of oxygen-free environment.