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Sludge Dewatering and Handling

What is Sludge Dewatering and Handling ?

Wastewater sludge is a by product of treated wastewater. It is composed of both organic and inorganic materials, heavy metals, nutrients, organic chemicals, as well as pathogens. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly treat such sludge in order to minimize its environmental impact. We use various presses and centrifuge described here for minimizing the sludge generated by reducing its volume. Sludge disposal comes with a cost so to reduce that cost we need to implement these systems. These systems also greatly reduce the required space for sludge storage.

Screw Press

One of the most efficient methods we use these days to reduce sludge is Screw Press. It is both economical and user friendly . It is a continous process and the effective treated sludge can have solid concentration as high as 20 % in this. We usually make this system in Stainless Steel and has long life.

Filter Press

Our time tested and very economical solution for Sludge dewatering is filter press. It is a batch system and dewaters the sludge by compressing the watery sludge through fine pore filter cloth . Solid content upto 25 % can be achieved though filter press.

Belt Press

Belt presses are best solution for sludge dewatering in larger plants as it has very high capacity to dewater the sludge. It is also a continuous process. It works on concept of filter belt compressing the incoming sludge through rollers. Solid concentration of upto 25% can be achieved using belt presses.

Sludge Centrifuge

Unlike other sludge handling systems which work on compression concept the Sludge Centrifuge works on solid liquid separation by high speed centrifugal rotation in a chamber . Its working is similar to the concept of making butter from milk by high speed rotation . It is a batch process and the machine itself is very compact.

Sludge Volume Reduction

We not only work towards sludge handling and separation but also try to reduce its volume using sludge thickeners ,Solar Driers etc .Reducing the sludge reduces the plant operation and maintenance cost.