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Zero Liquid Discharge

What is Zero Liquid Discharge?

At Amba Engineers and Project we believe that Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD ) is a concept and not just a technology . As the name suggests Zero liquid discharge means not allowing your wastewater to be disposed outside the premises. Maximum reuse of wastewater can help achieve ZLD .We can achieve ZLD by many methods which depends upon the nature of effluent .
ZLD is usually a more sophisticated system than effluent treatment which over years of experience we have incorporated. Waste water evaporation is the ultimate technology which evaporates the difficult to reuse wastewater and achieves ZLD. We design custom ZLD solutions as our target is to reduce not just the capital cost but also the running costs of Zero Liquid Discharge.

Wastewater Recycling for ZLD

Recycling Wastewater using host of technologies like primary treatment,Effluent treatment, Reverse Osmosis, MBR , Ultra Filtration etc. reduces the capital and runnings costs and makes it commercially viable to recycle the maximum possible wastewater and help in Zero Liquid Discharge. This technology is not fixed but varies for case to case.

Evaporators for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

The ultimate solution for ZLD is wastewater evaporator . Different types of evaporators like Falling Film Evaporator , Forced Circulation Evaporator , MEE ( Multi Effect Evaporator ), MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompressor) , ATFD ( Agitated Thin Film Driers) etc are used by us to reach Zero Liquid Discharge . Our multi stage efficient evaporators have an edge in running costs as well.

Low Cost / Low Capacity Evaporators for ZLD

For achieving Zero Liquid discharge for Low flow systems in the range of 25 to 300 litre per hour we have low cost Evaporators like Mist Evaporator and Forced Draft Evaporator. There are ideal choices for industries that require ease of operation and low capital costs.

Source Reduciton for ZLD

ZLD can also be implemented by reducing the wastewater at source. We regularly have detailed discussions with our customers to learn about their processes and strive to reduce the wastewater as much as possible .The result is that we are able to come to a very economical and easy to use system which is much appreciated by our customers.