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We wish to be one stop solution to our customers for all their water and waste water treatment requirements. Thus we not only design , manufacture ,install and commission but also provide services such as feasibility reports making , pilot plant studies , project consulting , operation and maintenance etc.

Turnkey Project Engineering

We undertake Turnkey Project Engineering Consultations wherein we undertake complete design , engineering , operation and maintenance of Water and Wastewater Treatment projects.

Water & Wastewater Lab Testing

Water & Wastewater Testing is an integral part of our work and we undertake samplings on client requirement to design the systems that we manufacture. We also provide lab testing services to our clients so that they can get results of the treated and untreated water.

Pilot Plant Study Reports

We provide Pilot Plant Treatability Studies which are integral in the design of any water treatment plant. They offer real data about whether a chosen treatment process is efficient and fulfils regulatory requirements under the current conditions at the site.The size of a Pilot Plant Treatability Studies is smaller that a the full size of the design but is larger that a bench scale study that can be completed in the lab, and therefore gives a more realistic picture of how a system will perform and potential adverse events that may occur.

Feasibility Study Reports

A feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of a project by evaluating several design options based on criteria related to the project budget, regulatory compliance and environmental impacts.
The analysis aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each design alternative and to arrive at the most feasible design option.
We make Feasibility studies Reports during the design process of a project to help determine the best solution to meet the design criteria.

Water Supply Network Design

We provide Water supply network designs to townships, cities and municipalities. We are highly experienced in planning, designing, constructing and commissioning water supply networks. We design the networks by considering primary factors such as the location, total water availability, rate of water supply required, and the total number of people the water should be supplied to.

WTP Civil Structure Design

We provide detailed Civil structure design with schematics, diagrams, and, in general, overall system configuration and general framework . In the detailed design drawings are made based on a vast array of specifications. With advancement of computing capabilities, computer aided design is increasingly being used by us to optimize the product design and also to analyze stress etc. under different conditions

Rainwater Harvesting System Design

We design and install rain water harvesting systems which suit our client’s infrastructure. We aim to provide sustainable consolidated water management solutions at affordable prices to ensure maximum water availability. We carry out a systematic methodology for this. This includes a conceptually prepared Plant report which comprises of suggestions and recommendations for the collection of rain water. We also provide information on the yields of rain water per year.

Installation and Commissioning

We install and commission the water treatment plants that we manufacture. Our engineering team is committed to provide quality in installation work by following standards and use of state of art machines . Our dedicated plant operators are result oriented and strive to provide committed results in limited time frame.

Operation & Maintenance

We understand the importance of operation and maintenance and have invested in a separate O&M division to focus on this service segment. Our team of service providers includes highly trained professionals that provide best manpower and engineering solutions to the industry. We cater to the municipal and industrial markets by offering cost effective and reliable solutions. O&M part of our business is an important strategic part of our operation.

Existing Project Up Gradation Study Reports

We undertake studies about up gradation of an existing water or wastewater treatment facility to the best possible level . We ensure that we give practical and feasible solutions to our customers who can decide upon execution of our recommended systems . We also modify the existing systems as per customer requirement.