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Water Treatment Products

At Amba Engineers And Project we not only do turnkey projects but also take care of daily water treatment needs of our customers by providing them with spares and consumables. We also help them monitor their water by on line and off line systems.

Online Effluent Monitoring System

This system comes with sensors , transmitters , display screen and optional data transfer system so that the water quality is continuously monitored at source. Data storage is also possible so that a record can be kept about the water parameters from the system.

Water Treatment Chemicals

We provide chemicals such as :-

  1. BETP , STP, Cooling Tower , Boiler chemicals
  2. RO antiscalants, Biocides & PH Boosters
  3. Special purpose chemicals
  4. Softer , DM and special purpose resins

RO,ETP ,STP,ZLD Consumables

We provide WTP consumables such as:-

  1. RO cartridges
  2. Filters
  3. Filter Press Cloth
  4. Special purpose consumables

All Spare parts of our System

We provide spare parts such as :-

  1. Pumps - High Pressure , Centrifugal , Solar , Dosing
  2. Membranes - RO , UF ,NF , MBR
  3. Media - Filtration , MBBR , Tube
  4. Housings – RO membrane , Cartridge Filter
  5. Control Panel Spares
  6. Special Purpose Spares

Water Sampling Laboratory & Instruments

We help our customers to set up water treatment Laboratory to keep a check on water quality . We can provide instruments for testing of :-

  1. COD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand )
  2. BOD ( Biochemical Oxygen Demand )
  3. TSS ( Total Suspended Solids )
  4. PH ( Potential of Hydrogen )
  5. TDS ( Total Suspended Solids )
  6. MLSS ( Mixed Liquor Suspend Solids )
  7. Free Chlorine
  8. SDI
  9. Special Purpose parameters

Hotel,Hospital , Malls, Commercial Buildings Water Treatment Plants

We take up turnkey water treatment solutions for designing , manufacturing and installation of water treatment plants such as:-

  1. Hospital water treatment – Dialysis water, fresh water, waste water, etc.
  2. Hotel Water treatment – Drinking water, soft water , waste water treatment
  3. Commercial Water Treatment – Drinking water , washing water , waste water
  4. High Purity Water Treatment – Medicinal use grade water